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(All Lyrics and Music by FGMoore (except where noted)

The Dream Act Audio No Chart December 9 2012 Music by FGMoore & Richie Kohan  
Bobbyzio Audio Lyrics July 7 2011 FGMoore  
Los Dos Audio Lyrics June 16 2011 FGMoore  
Graveyard Greens And Blues Audio Lyrics June 1 2011 FGMoore  
Melrose Hill Audio Lyrics May 25 2011 FGMoore  
Good Times Ever Audio Lyrics Sept 29 2010 FGMoore  
Mind Out Of Time Audio Lyrics August 18 2010 FGMoore  
Mojave Waltz Audio Lyrics August 9 2010 FGMoore  
Telegraph Hill Audio Lyrics June 16 2010 FGMoore  
True Blues Audio Lyrics Apr 5 2010 FGMoore  
Subway To The Sea Audio Lyrics Oct 11 2009 FGMoore  
On The Highway Again Audio Lyrics Aug 30, 2009 FGMoore  
The Land Of Lakes Audio Lyrics Aug 19, 2009 FGMoore  
Hold Tight Mama Audio Lyrics Aug 12, 2009 FGMoore  
Shoutin', Swingin' and Makin' Love Audio Lyrics May 21, 2009 FGMoore  
Down at the Docks Audio Lyrics March 22, 2009 FGMoore  
South by Southwest Audio Lyrics January 5, 2009 FGMoore  
Black and White Audio Lyrics December 25, 2008 FGMoore  
Dinkytown (and the West Bank) Audio Lyrics December 13, 2008 FGMoore  
Drowning In Debt Audio Lyrics December 6, 2008 FGMoore  
Tropic�lia 2 Audio Lyrics November 2, 2008 FGMoore  
When The Eagle Flies Audio Lyrics October 25, 2008 FGMoore  
Batavia Audio Lyrics March 23, 2008 FGMoore  
Norwegian Mood Audio Lyrics February 10, 2008 FGMoore  
Burning In The Night
        (A Can��o de Janeiro) Audio Lyrics
January 26, 2008 FGMoore  
Oblivion Road Audio Lyrics December 22, 2007 FGMoore  
Time and Again Audio Lyrics December 15-22, 2007 FGMoore  
Not Like Anyone Audio Lyrics December 15, 2007 FGMoore  
The Summer Song Audio Lyrics October 11, 2007 FGMoore  
I'll Be There Audio Lyrics July 27, 2007 FGMoore  
Holday Hills Audio Lyrics June 6, 2007 FGMoore  

THE KAT CLUB ERA 1990-2007
Historical Note: 'los angelenos' recorded and mixed between June 15, 2002 and its release on May 1, 2007. FGMoore began recording demos for 'The Sixties' album.
Daughter Of The Sun Audio Lyrics Jan 29, 2003 FGMoore  
Prelude to a Southern Breeze Audio Chart 2003 Pete McRae  
Lavanderita Audio Lyrics July 31, 2002 FGMoore  
Nothin' In This World Audio Lyrics July 31, 2002-2005 FGMoore  
Southern Breeze Audio Lyrics July 13, 2002 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by PeteMcRae, FGMoore  and Lou Castro* *[Travis Cushing Publishing]  
On Mexican Time Audio Lyrics July 12, 2002 FGMoore  
Hands On Audio Lyrics 2002 (Words and Music by PeteMcRae)  
In California Audio Lyrics June 15, 2002 (Lyrics by FGMoore/Loni Specter -
          Music by 
FGMoore/DJPeters/Richie Kohan/David Lynch/Loni&Specter)
(New Song August 7, 2000) Audio Lyrics August 7, 2000 FGMoore
(Unidentified Song Circa 2000) Audio Lyrics 2000 FGMoore
Historical Note: Kat Club moved from Kat Club Ranch Studio to Kat Club Caba�a Studio, August 25, 2001. Source Mississippi Released December 2001.
Siobhan Audio Lyrics 1998 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music byFGMoore/DJPeters)
True And Trusted Companion Audio Lyrics 1998 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/)
House Combinations Released December 1997.
I'm Still Hangin' Audio Lyrics 1996 FGMoore
Historical Note: Kat Club moved from Willoughby to Kat Club Ranch Studio, September 1993. Al Galles dies of liver failure, July 24th, 1996
Giaz E Bluz Audio Lyrics 1993 FGMoore  
The Dream Audio Lyrics 1993 FGMoore  
Huck And Jim On The Mississippi Audio Lyrics 1993 FGMoore  
Hollywood California Audio Lyrics 1991 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)  
Fools These Mortals Be Audio Lyrics 1993 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music byFGMoore/DJPetersAJGalles)  
God Is Audio Lyrics May 14, 1991 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Me A Man Audio Lyrics January 4, 1993 FGMoore
Save Sex Audio Lyrics 1992 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Ain't Life Grand? Audio Lyrics March 5, 1992 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPetersAJGalles)  
Driven By Fear Audio Lyrics May 17, 1991 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Sitting On Top Audio Lyrics 1991 (Music by AJGalles/FGMoores)  
You Want It All Audio Lyrics 1991 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters)
Victoria's Daughter Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore  
The Winter's Tale Audio Lyrics May 16, 1991 FGMoore
Mattress-Side Audio Chart 1991 FGMoore  
Over Bitten Audio Lyrics 1991 (Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)  
Together Like This Audio Lyrics 1991 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Playing Actress Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore
Highway 81 Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore
The Wrong End Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore
The Wrong End (Reprise) Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore
She Wants To Be Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore  
Big Bad Love Audio Lyrics 1991 FGMoore
Great Relationship Audio Lyrics 1991 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Historical Note: Kat Club moved from CBA to Willoughby. March 18, 1991
Donna Reed Audio Lyrics November 17, 1990 FGMoore
Hit Me! Audio Lyrics November 10, 1990 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Peace In Audio Lyrics September 29, 1990 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)  
Westside Samba Audio Lyrics September 15, 1990 FGMoore
Time! (Executive Stress) Audio Lyrics September 1, 1990 FGMoore
Africentricity Audio Lyrics August 27, 1990 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Little Darlin' Audio Lyrics August 24, 1990 FGMoore
Gotta Go Audio Lyrics August 18, 1990 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
New Cage Audio Lyrics August 18, 1990 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/DJPeters/AJGalles)
Danitra Audio Lyrics August 11, 1990 FGMoore
Historical Note: Moore abd Peters retire from the Music Buisness for 5 years.

BFM ERA 1983-85
Advice Audio Lyrics 1985 FGMoore
Walk The World Audio Chart 1985 FGMoore  
A Bisl Nacht Muzik Audio Chart 1985 FGMoore  
Shout In The Street Audio Lyrics 1985 FGMoore  
Up Your Sleeve Audio Lyrics 1985 FGMoore  
One More Time (Won't Hurt) Audio Lyrics 1985 FGMoore  
One World, One People Audio Lyrics 1984 FGMoore  
Why Can't, We Be Freinds? Audio Lyrics 1984 FGMoore  
Nobody Told Me Audio Lyrics 1984 FGMoore  
The Dove Audio Lyrics 1984 FGMoore  
Rain Dance Audio Lyrics 1984 FGMoore  
Happy Birthday Audio Lyrics 1984 FGMoore
Memories Audio Lyrics 1983 By Steve Dougherty and FGMoore
So Long To The Sunshine Audio Lyrics 1983 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by BobbyzioMoore)
Minimal Mind Audio Lyrics 1983 (Lyrics by FGMoore/Loni Specter,
          Music by 
FGMoore/Loni Specter/BobbyzioMoore/Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen)
Waltzing Thru Life Audio Lyrics 1983 (Lyrics by FGMoore/Loni Specter,
          Music by 
FGMoore/Loni Specter/BobbyzioMoore/Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen)
Tattoo Audio Lyrics 1983 (Lyrics by FGMoore/Loni Specter,
          Music by 
FGMoore/Loni Specter/BobbyzioMoore/Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen)
Show You How Audio Lyrics 1983 (Lyrics by FGMoore/Loni Specter,
          Music by 
FGMoore/Loni Specter/BobbyzioMoore/Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen/Monica Lustgarten)
Into The Night Audio Lyrics 1983 (Lyrics by FGMoore,
          Music by 
FGMoore/BobbyzioMoore/Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen/Monica Lustgarten)
Takin' The Rap Audio Lyrics 1983  (Music and Lyrics by FGMoore)  
Engine Room Audio Lyrics 1983  (Music and Lyrics by Maggie Lee, Music by FGMoore)  

BOY ERA 1981-83
Forget It Audio Lyrics December 1982 (b) FGMoore  
It's The Thought That Counts Audio Lyrics December 1982 (a) FGMoore
Right Places Audio Lyrics November 1982 FGMoore
My House Is A Mess Audio Lyrics August 1982 FGMoore  
Historical Note: Demi Moore recorded by Greg Penny at Westlake Audio June 1982
Stop The Clock Audio Lyrics June 1982 (b) (Lyrics by Greg Penny/FGMoore, Music by Greg Penny)
Groove Thing Audio Lyrics May 1982 (a) FGMoore
Party Girl Audio Lyrics May 1982 (b) (Lyrics by FGMoore,
          Music by 
FGMoore/Greg Penny/Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen)
Waiting All Night Long Audio Lyrics May 1982 (a) FGMoore
Historical Note: Boy recorded by Mark Goldenberg for Radioactive Records Frebruary 1982. Moore vists Rio de Janeiro.
All The Same To Me Audio Lyrics February 1982 (Screen Gems) FGMoore
Money Speaks Japanese Audio Lyrics January 1982 (Screen Gems) FGMoore  
Historical Note: Boy (v2) recorded by Rex Pierce at Cherokee Studio December 1981
(Waiting For) The Big One Audio Lyrics November 1981 (c) FGMoore
World We Live In Audio Lyrics November 1981 (b) FGMoore
All I Want Audio Lyrics November 1981 (a) FGMoore
I Gotta Know Audio Lyrics October 1981 (Screen Gems) FGMoore
Historical Note: Boy (v1) recorded by Ed Stasium at Westlake Audio September 1981
Can't Keep A Bad Boy Down Audio Lyrics September 1981 FGMoore
Show A Little Emotion Audio Lyrics August 29, 1981 FGMoore
Too Good To Be True Audio Lyrics August 28, 1981 (Screen Gems) FGMoore
Historical Note: Moore moves to Upper West Side NYC to play with The Dates for 6 months, 1981
Life Of The Party Audio Lyrics February 11, 1981 FGMoore

Heat Audio Lyrics January 24, 1981 (f) FGMoore/Demi Moore
The Scene Audio Lyrics January 23, 1981 (e) FGMoore
Foolish Freedom Audio Lyrics January 13, 1981 (d) FGMoore
I'm No Good Audio Lyrics January 13, 1981 (c) FGMoore
Come Back For Amor Audio Lyrics January 9, 1981 (b) FGMoore
Turning Twenty-One Audio Lyrics January 9, 1981 (a) FGMoore
Ooh Love Audio Lyrics January 1981 (Lyrics by BobbyzioMoore/FGMoore, Music by BobbyzioMoore)
You Know Lyrics January 1981 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by BobbyzioMoore)
The Secret Of Love Lyrics January 1981 BobbyzioMoore
She Loves Me Audio Lyrics January 1981 BobbyzioMoore
Our Love Song Audio Lyrics December 31, 1980 FGMoore
Historical Note: The Nu Kats recorded by Fred Mollin at Davlen Studio for Polygram records November 1980
Matter Of Interest Audio Lyrics November 1980 BobbyzioMoore
Changing Audio Lyrics October 15, 1980 (b) (FGMoore/Demi Moore) (Screen Gems)
The Long Arm Audio Lyrics October 7, 1980 (a) FGMoore
You Are The One (URD1) Audio Lyrics August 1980 (b) FGMoore
Queen Of The Prom Audio Lyrics August 1980 (a) FGMoore
Historical Note: The Nu Kats record Plastic Facts for Rhino Records July-August 1980
It's Not A Rumour Audio Lyrics 3am June 13, 1980 (Lyrics by FGMoore/Demi Moore, Music by FGMoore)(Screen Gems)
I Know Audio Lyrics June 4, 1980 FGMoore
I'm A Nu Kat Audio Lyrics May 1, 1980 FGMoore
Before I Lose Audio Lyrics April 1, 1980 FGMoore
Busy Body Audio Lyrics April 18, 1980 (a) FGMoore
Out Of The Combat Zone Audio Lyrics March 25, 1980 (b) FGMoore
World All Alone Audio Lyrics March 8, 1980 (a) (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/Robert 'Pete' McRae)

THE KATS ERA 1977-80
Too Young Audio Lyrics February 21, 1980 (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by BobbyzioMoore)
Historical Note: The Kats record Get Modern for Infinity Records September 1979
Money Audio Lyrics September 1, 1979 (b) (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/Robert 'Pete' McRae)
I Wait For The Night Audio Lyrics September 1, 1979 (a) ( Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/Robert 'Pete' McRae)
Historical Note: Moved from Arleta to Willoughby. August 23, 1979
Don't Bother Me Audio Chart 1979 Pete McRae  
Can't Stand Dancing Audio Lyrics July 25, 1979 FGMoore
Price Is Right Audio Lyrics June 1979 (e) FGMoore
I Can't Have You Audio Lyrics June 1979 (d) FGMoore
Pushed Me To It Audio Lyrics June 1979 (c) (Lyrics by FGMoore, Music by FGMoore/Robert 'Pete' McRae)
Midnight Motel Audio Lyrics May 1979 (b) FGMoore
Heart Of Steel Audio Lyrics April 9, 1979 (a) FGMoore
Leave Me Alone Audio Lyrics April 1, 1979 FGMoore
Preparing to Shoplift Audio Chart 1979 Pete McRae  
Introduction to a Smart Teacher Audio Chart 1979 Pete McRae  
Prelude to a Reason Audio Chart 1979 Pete McRae  
What's So Good About Good Girls? Audio Lyrics January 1979 FGMoore
King Of The Wild Frontier Audio Lyrics November 23, 1978 FGMoore
Reason To Live Audio Lyrics August 6, 1978 (c) FGMoore
Historical Note: Pete McRae joins 'The Kats'
Two Reasons Audio Lyrics 1978 FGMoore
Together Audio Lyrics April 19, 1978 FGMoore
Historical Note: Mark Goldstein founding member of both 'The Kats' and 'Skogie' departs.
I Wanna Be Free - Hold Me Audio Lyrics February 20, 1978 (b)FGMoore
Down The Road II Audio Lyrics February 20, 1978 (a)Lyric by FGMoore- Music by Don Raye
Unseen Unknown Audio Lyrics February 9, 1978 FGMoore
Can You Use Me? Audio Lyrics January 29 1978 FGMoore
Cry Woof! Audio Lyrics January 11, 1978 FGMoore
Historical Note: The Kats move from Miranda to Arleta Studio. November 22, 1977
California Here I Come Audio Lyrics November 1977 (k) FGMoore
It's A Crime Audio Lyrics November 1977 (j) FGMoore  
Older Girls Audio Lyrics November 1977 FGMoore
The Kats (Theme Song) Audio Lyrics November 1977 (h) FGMoore
Smart Teacher Audio Lyrics October 1977 FGMoore
Give Me A Chance Audio Lyrics October 1977 (f) FGMoore  
Historical Note: The Kats record at John Thomas Studio. August-September, 1977
Street Life Audio Lyrics July 1977 FGMoore
I Was A Teenage Shoplifter Audio Lyrics July 1977 (d) FGMoore
Lost My TV Guide Audio Lyrics July 1977 (c) FGMoore
Ain't Goin' Back Uptown No More Audio Lyrics July 1977 (b) FGMoore
My Life's In The Bag Audio Lyrics July 1977 (a) FGMoore

SKOGIE ERA 1972-76
Historical Note: Band relocates from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, August 26, 1976
With A Woman Like You Audio Lyrics 1976 FGMoore
Story Of My Life Audio Lyrics 1975 FGMoore
Special Rider Audio Lyrics 1975 FGMoore
Eat A Peach Audio Lyrics 1975 FGMoore
Ain't No Fool Audio Lyrics 1974 FGMoore
I Like What You're Serving Audio Lyrics 1974 FGMoore
Money Love Audio Lyrics 1974 FGMoore
High And Dry Audio Lyrics 1974 FGMoore
Lion's Den Audio Lyrics 1973 FGMoore
Historical Note: Skogie records 'There's A String Attached...' Album at Sound 80 December 1973.
You Got Me Suffering Audio Lyrics 1973 FGMoore

Historical Note: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos recorded at Sound 80 by David Zimmerman for Mill City Records. Late 1972.
Goodbye Nemours Audio Lyrics 1972 FGMoore
I Won't Be Pushed Away Audio Lyrics 1972 FGMoore
Candy Crystal Jam Audio Charts June 1st 1972 (FGMoore , Goldstein, Peters, Galles, Greenberg)
Mother And Father Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
You Told Me Lies Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
Sunday Drive Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
I Wanna Satisfy You Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
High Class Shoes Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
Party Time Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
La Chanson du Galles Audio No Chart 1971 (byAllen John Galles)

Ram It Audio Lyrics June 1971 FGMoore
Blue Clue (Vocal) Audio Chart June 1971 FGMoore
It's A Free Country (Jam) Audio Charts 1971 (FGMoore, Goldstein, Gasterland, Kubera, Brenner, Greenberg)
Queens Jam Audio Charts 1971 (FGMoore, Goldstein, Gasterland, Kubera, Brenner, Greenberg)
Soho Audio Lyrics June 1971 FGMoore
My Baby Loves Me Audio Lyrics June 1971 FGMoore
Twelve Days Ago Audio Lyrics June 1971 FGMoore
Treat Me Like Dirt Audio Lyrics June 1971 FGMoore
Call Me Crazy Audio Lyrics June 1971 FGMoore
Queen Of Clubs Audio Lyrics March 27, 1971 (FGMoore/Mark Goldstein)
Ballad Of Righteous Riders Audio Lyrics February 1971 FGMoore
You Don't Even Know Audio Lyrics February 1971 FGMoore
Tonight's The Night Audio Lyrics February 1971 FGMoore
Nassau Blues Audio Lyrics 1971 FGMoore
Don't Fall In Love Audio Lyrics February 1971 FGMoore
Four Ways To Use Vasoline Audio Lyrics February 1971 FGMoore
With Their Electric Bassoon Audio No Chart 1970 FGMoore
Death and Transatlantic Mutation Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
The Blue Cue (Instrumental) Audio Chart November 17, 1970 FGMoore
Mighty Rivers Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
Talking To The Night Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
A Week In The Sun Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
All The People Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
I Hear Your Voice Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
Atomic Number 23 Audio Lyrics August 1970 FGMoore
Guberud Audio No Chart 1970 (Guberud, FGMoore, Rogers, Goldstein)
Harappa Audio Chart 1970 FGMoore
Chant Of The Dying Insects (parts I & II) Audio Lyrics 1970 (FGMoore/Mark Goldstein)
I Can See Thru The Haze Audio Lyrics 1970 (Mark Goldstein/FGMoore/Marc Partridge)  
Mutant's Theme Audio No Chart 1970FGMoore
Holiday Pipe Audio Chart 1970FGMoore
The Great Pumpkin Chase Audio Lyrics 1970FGMoore
July Fourth Woman Audio Lyrics 1970FGMoore
Mellow Pheartz Audio Lyrics 1970 (FGMoore/Mark Goldstein)
I Declare You Free Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
The Dick Rogers Suite Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
(This) Figleaf's For Frank Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
La Chanson Du Singe Audio Charts 1970 FGMoore
An English Sky Audio Charts 1970 FGMoore
Five Spot Audio Charts 1970 FGMoore
Xantippe Audio No Chart 1970 FGMoore
Boucher Audio Charts 1970 FGMoore
Chickens In The Barnyard Audio Lyrics 1970 FGMoore
Mohenjodaro Audio Charts 1970 FGMoore

Staten Island Queen Audio Lyrics 1969 FGMoore
Battle Of The Hub Audio Lyrics 1969 (FGMoore/David Burdick/Mark Winger/Brad Weiss)
Amphibious Welfare Audio No Charts 1969 (FGMoore/Mark Escher)
Black Flag Audio No Charts 1969 FGMoore
The Stoned Mouse Audio Lyrics 1969 FGMoore
Paradise Audio Lyrics 1969 FGMoore
Comin' Down From Cairo Audio Lyrics 1969 (FGMoore/Mark Winger/Mark Escher)
Lady Friend Audio Lyrics 1969 FGMoore
Collins Park Rock Audio Lyrics 1969 (FGMoore/Mark Winger)
Cutie Audio Lyrics July 28, 1969 (FGMoore/Mark Winger/Brad Weiss)
Partly Cloudy Audio Lyrics July 6,1969 (Brad Weiss/Mark Winger/FGMoore)
Oak Tree Audio Lyrics April-November 1969 FGMoore
Twice As Wrong Audio Lyrics July 26, 1969 (FGMoore/Jerry Wilfong)
Old Fred Sings A Song Audio Lyrics July 24, 1969 (FGMoore/Jerry Wilfong)
Pretend That You Love Me Audio Lyrics June 25, 1969 (FGMoore/Mark Winger)
Something's Wrong With My Head Audio Lyrics 1969 (Mark Winger)
Bass Man Audio Lyrics 1969 (Brad Weiss)
An English Sky Overture Audio Lyrics June 6, 1969 (FGMoore/Tom Bates)
Flight Rock Audio Lyrics June 6, 1969 (Tom Bates/FGMoore/David Burdick)
Yesterday's Sadness Audio Lyrics May 18, 1969 (Mark Winger/FGMoore)
Ballad Of Floyd Audio Lyrics 1969 FGMoore

Publication Audio Lyrics 1968 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Maynard Audio Lyrics 1968 (FGMoore/Craig Laursen/R.Keneman)
Interlude Audio Lyrics 1968 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Electric Circus Fetus Show Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Arabian FluteMusic Audio No Charts 1968 (FGMoore/Craig Laursen/David Burdick)
Down By The Blue Audio No Charts 1968 (FGMoore/Craig Laursen/David Burdick)
Chateau En Espagne Audio No Charts 1968 (FGMoore/Craig Laursen)
Mister Sahib Audio No Charts 1968 (FGMoore/Craig Laursen)
Wolfman Strikes Again Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Father Hennepin Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Historical Note: Moore becomes a Music Theory and Composition Major at the University of Minnesota, September 1968.
Everybody's Trying To Find 
        The Center Of The Sun
1968 FGMoore
Lord La Mancha's Surprise Audio Chart 1968 FGMoore
Mountain Audio Lyrics 1968 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Very Hard Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Dr. Naedleman's Blues Audio Lyrics 1968 (FGMoore/David Burdick/Bradley Moore)
The Void Of Mother's Children Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Spassowhack! Audio Lyrics 1968 (FGMoore/David Burdick)
Later (Don't Worry Now) Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Garsiver's Dream Audio Lyrics 1968 (Tim McCarthy/FGMoore)
General Pigman Audio Lyrics 1968 (David Burdic/FGMoore)
Words To Live By From Mammy Jasp Audio Lyrics 1968 (FGMoore/David Burdick)
Appleskin Thomas Audio Lyrics 1968 (FGMoore/Craig Laursen)
Watson's Drawing Book Audio Lyrics 1968 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Colonel Arnold's Cross Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
The Philosopher's Cat Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Dingleton Heath Audio Lyrics 1968 (FGMoore/David Burdick)
Home Of The Foxtrot Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Bluebottle Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Sitting On The Moonlight Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Buffalo Man Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Springfield Gardens Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
I'm A Comin' Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Napoleon And The Pigs Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore
Penguin Lady Audio Lyrics 1968 FGMoore

Nothing To Bark About Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
Lucas Valley Road Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
The Magic Lock Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
Effigy Of A Sad Bird Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
And He Isn't Aware Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
For No Reason Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
Perfection Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
The Butler Did It Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
I've Seen Good Days Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
It Will Work Out For Us Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
Annalusia Audio Lyrics 1967 (FGMoore/Steve Brenner)
Little Girl Audio Lyrics 1967 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Undertaker Baker Audio Lyrics 1967 (FGMoore/Steve Brenner)
Twisted Man Audio Lyrics 1967 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Payback Audio Lyrics 1967 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
Yes He Did Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
You Gotta Work For
         What You Get
 Audio Lyrics
1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
Me-I Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
I Try To Be Just Like You Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
Apple Blues Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
Looking For Some Love Audio Lyrics 1967 (FGMoore/Steve Brenner)
It's Love, It's True Audio Lyrics 1967 (FGMoore/Steve Brenner)
Blueberries For Baby Audio Lyrics 1967 (FGMoore/Steve Brenner)  
Stop Me Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
Stephen Blackpool Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
Sad Sad World Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
Clothes Shopping Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
I'll Be Doing The Same Thing Audio Lyrics 1967 (FGMoore/David Burdick)
No Key Audio Lyrics 1967 (Steve Brenner/FGMoore)
Humor Him Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore
Now! Audio Lyrics 1967 (David Burdick/FGMoore/Steve Brenner)
Let You Live The Way You Want Audio Lyrics 1967 (David Burdick/FGMoore/Steve Brenner)
And It Isn't Easy Audio Lyrics 1967 FGMoore

John Audio Lyrics 1966 FGMoore
Isle Of Wight Audio Lyrics 1966 (FGMoore/David Burdick)
In The Past Audio Lyrics 1966 (FGMoore/David Burdick)
Hey Girl Audio Lyrics 1966 (David Burdick/FGMoore)
It Seems Audio Lyrics 1966 FGMoore
Driving Ace Audio Lyrics 1966 FGMoore
Stopped At A Red Light Audio Lyrics 1966 FGMoore
Too Late Mr. Slate Audio Lyrics 1966 FGMoore
That's Why Our Love Is So Strong Audio Lyrics 1966 (FGMoore/Jeffrey A Moore)
I'm Alone Audio Lyrics 1966 (Lyrics by David Burdick Music by FGMoore)
Historical Note: Moore moves from San Francisco to Minneapolis February 1966.

Come To Stay Audio Lyrics 1965 (FGMoore/Chris Johnson)
A Spaniard In The Works Audio Lyrics 1965 (FGMoore/Dan Wick)
Don't Rush Away Audio Lyrics 1965 (FGMoore/Dan Wick)
Winning Isn't Everything Audio Lyrics 1965 FGMoore
Now She's Mine Audio Lyrics 1965 FGMoore
Away From Me Audio Lyrics 1965 FGMoore
What Should I Say? Audio Lyrics 1965 FGMoore
Baby Be Mine Audio Lyrics 1964 FGMoore
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