THE KAT CLUB !! members & CDs:


  • Freddy Moore:  Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Ukulele;
  • Dennis Peters:  Bass Guitar, Vocals and Organ;
  • Pete McRae:  Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Cello, Mandolin, Mandocello, Lap Steel, Voice;
  • Peter Wingerd:  Piano, Accordian, Clavinet, Organ;
  • Patrick Boone:  Horn Arangements, Tenor Saxophone;
  • Richie Kohan:  Lead and Rhythm Guitars;
  • John Nyman:  Drums, Congas, Percussion;
  • Guest Appearence Paul Strickland: Vocal;
  • Guest Appearence Loni Specter:  Guitar;

    15. * 'los angelenos' (CD Released May 1, 2007)
     � 2007 General Records, Produced by D.J.Peters

     $10.00 USD

    THE KAT CLUB ! members & CDs:


  • Freddy Moore: Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Pedal Steel and Dobro;
  • Dennis Peters: Vocals, Bass, Drums, Harmonica and Piano;
  • A.J. Galles: Vocals, Drums and Organ;

     Source Mississippi (CD Released December 21st, 2001)
      � 2001 General Records , Produced by D.J.Peters
     $10.00 USD
    House Combinations  (CD Released December 11th, 1997)
      � 1997
    General Records , Produced by D.J.Peters 
     $10.00 USD

    THE KATS members & CDs:


  • Freddy Moore: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar;
  • Dennis Peters: Vocals and Bass;
  • Al Galles: Vocals and Drums;
  • Bobbyzio Moore: Saxophone and Rhythm Guitar;
  • Pete McRae: Lead Guitar;

    'Get Modern' (aka 'Great Lost Kats Album'): (bootleg CD)
     � 1979 General Records, Produced by Noah Shark and Max Reese
     $20.00 USD (Bootleg)

    SKOGIE members & CDs:


  • 'Rick' Frederick Moore: Voice and Guitar;
  • Dennis Peterson: Voice and Bass;
  • Al Galles: Voice and Drums;
  • Mark Goldstein: Keyboards;
  • Guest Appearence Jim Greenberg:  Sax;

      'There's A String Attached To Almost Everything We Do':
    � 1974 
    General Records (bootleg CD)
    PLUS:  'The Butler Did It' b/w 'I Won't Be Pushed Away'
    PLUS: 9 more Bonus Tracks.
    $20.00 USD 
    (20 Tracks)

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