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The Kat Club!: Los Angelenos
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The Kat Club!: House Combinations. 1997

The Kat Club!: Source Mississippi. 2001

The Kat Club!: los angelenos. 2007

The Kat Club!: The Sixties. Coming Soon

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Acoustic DuetMoore, PetersJun 2009-present
The Kat Club!Moore, Peters, McRae, Nyman, Boone, Wingerd, Specter, Strickland, Kohan 1997-2009
The Kat Club TrioMoore, Peters, Galles1990-1997
BobbyzioBobbyzio, McRaeNyman, (others)1990-1991
BFMBobbyzio and Freddy Moore, PetersNyman, Boone, Lustgarten, Dogherty Jul 1983-Aug 1984
Dirt DogsBobbyzio and Freddy Moore, McRae, Nyman, Lee Aug 1983
Boy (v2)Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, Peters, McEwen, Nyman, (Boone, Cowan) Sep 1981-Jun 1983
Boy (v1)Bobbyzio and Freddy MooreSrb, McEwen, NymanJul 1981-Sep 1981
Boy (v0)Bobbyzio and Freddy MooreSrb, McEwen, WicklandJul 1981
Roach & The White Boys  Roach, Peters, Dogherty, Felix Mar 1981-Sep 1981
The DatesMoore, FruhlingerAmpereMar 1981-Jun 1981
Nu KatsBobbyzio and Freddy MoorePetersGalles Mar 1980-Mar1981
The Kats (v3)Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, PetersGalles, McRae Jun 1978-Mar 1980
The Kats (v2)Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, PetersGallesDunn, Charles,  (BrennerFeb 1978-Jun 1978
The Kats (v1)Bobbyzio and Freddy MoorePetersGalles, Goldstein, (Brenner)  Jul 1977-Feb-1978
The Skogie BandBobbyzio and Freddy Moore, PetersonGalles, Goldstein, (Brenner) Aug 1976-Jul 1977
SkogieMoore, Peterson, GallesGoldstein, (Winger, Christianson, Brenner, Bobbyzio) Nov 1972-Aug 1976
The Robert Moore Group Bobbyzio Moore, Denny Craswell, Greg and Peter Dzubay, Bobby Z. RivkinMar 1973-Dec 1974
Skogie & The Flaming Pachucos (v5)Moore, PetersonGalles, Goldstein, Greenberg, (Winger) Sep 1971-Nov 1972
Skogie & The Flaming Pachucos (v4)Moore, BrennerGoldsteinGreenberg, Gasterland, Kubera Jun 1971-Sep 1971
Skogie & The Flaming Pachucos (v3)Moore, BrennerGoldstein, Gasterland, Kubera Apr 1971-Jun 1971
Skogie & The Flaming Pachucos (v2)Moore, Rogers, GoldsteinGasterland, Kubera, (Brenner, Bobbyzio Moore) Sep 1970-Apr 1971
Bittersweet  Bobbyzio Moore, Greg and Peter Dzubay, (others)Dec 1970-Mar 1973
HomesteadPeterson, Galles, B. Peterson, McGuire, Diedrich  1970-Sep 1971
Skogie & The Flaming Pachucos (v1)Moore, Winger, Rogers, Goldstein, Gasterland, (Partridge) Apr 1970-Sep 1970
Only In America MooreRogers, Goldstein, Atkinson, Gasterland Apr 1970
An English Sky (v2)Moore, Winger, Escher, Weiss, Bates May 1969-Apr 1970
The Pink ProjectMoore, Pink, (others)Sep 1968-Mar 1969
An English Sky (v1)Moore, Laursen, (Keneman, Burdick, McCarthy) Jun 1968-Aug 1968
'THE'Moore, BrennerJun 1967-Jan 1968
Mozarts Mafia (v2)Peterson, Galles, Sutherland, Ryder, (Greenberg, Wright)  1967-1969
Blumfeld, Johnson & MooreMoore, Johnson, BlumfeldDec 1965-Feb 1966
The Royal CumquatsMoore, WickOct 1964-Dec 1965
Mozarts Mafia (v1)Peterson, Galles, Sutherland, Brinquist   1964-1967