Mark 'Sharkey' McEwen Bio.

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Mark McEwen, from California, co-wrote several songs with Freddy Moore, and Bobbyzio Moore .

Boy Guitarist Mark McEwen

McEwen was a founding member of the band BOY, v1, v2.

In fact, Mark McEwen and Freddy Moore were the only founding members that survived until BOY disbanded in the mid-1980s.
McEwen stuck around and co-wrote songs for the new project: BFM.

(Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, McEwen, Specter)
(Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, McEwen, Specter)
(Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, McEwen, Specter)
(Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, McEwen, Specter, Lustgarten)

In the early 1990s McEwen (now called "Sharkey" McEwen) recorded 3 albums with The Ancestors.

Click Here to Hear Mark McEwen w/Ancestors:
End Of The World
Fade Away
From Brigadoon by The Ancestors 1994
Mark McEwen:Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals.

 The band members of the Ancestors took a break from showbiz until 3 of them regrouped in the late 1990s in upstate New York as Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams where they just finished recording their third album.

Here's McEwens current bio:

Sharkey McEwen (guitars, mandolin, backing vocals), longtime musical partner of Joziah, grew up in L.A. and played the club circuit before coming to New York in the early 90's. His intuitive, evocative playing is a key ingredient of the band's magic. He is in constant demand as a producer and guitarist for other artists.

Mark McEwen at Wongs West.
(Note: this bio is a work in progress)

John Nyman, Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore, Mark McEwen, Dav Srb.

Bobbyzio Moore, John Nyman, Freddy Moore, Dennis Peters, Mark McEwen.

Dennis Peters, John Nyman, Freddy Moore, Mark McEwen, Bobbyzio Moore.

John Nyman, Mark McEwen, Dennis Peters, Bobbyzio, Demi and Freddy Moore.
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