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BFM (Bobbyzio and Freddy Moore) - Home Page

July 1983-August-1984

BFM Flag Logo  ( )
Bobbyzio Moore -Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocal  (Boy v1 , Boy v2 )
Freddy Moore -Lead Vocal, (Guitar, Bass Guitar on demo tapes)    (Boy v1 , Boy v2 , Kat Club )
Dennis Peters -Bass Guitar, Vocal  (Roach, Boy v2 , Kat Club )
John Nyman - Drums    (Boy v1 , Boy v2 , Kat Club )
Patrick Boone - Saxophone.(Boy v2 , Kat Club )
Steve Dougherty - Lead Guitar, Vocal.(Roach)
Monica Lustgarten - Sythesizer.

Audio Artifact: BFM Demos
Audio Artifact: BFM Live
BFM Concert Program

Bobbyzio and Freddy began to form a new band. To get things started they recorded live as a duet. "We used a drum machine and a pre-sequenced sythesizer for bass, then Bobbyzio performed on sax, keyboards and vocals, while I performed guitar and lead vocals." -Moore. This method allowed them to demo the songs very quickly, and inexpensively.

Next they held some songwriting 'jam sessions' with Mark "Sharkey" McEwen, Monica Lustgarten and Loni Specter , which yielded four or five new songs.

Finally they assembled a seven-piece band and named it BFM.

The seven-piece band committed their versions of the songs to tape at Wilshire Fine Arts.

They also performed for the recording industry scouts.

Peters, Nyman and Boone from BOY, Peters and Doughtery from Roach and the White Boys , and Monica Lustgarten .

Bobbyzio Moore and Freddy Moore

RE: The LOOK : "We were gonna call the band "Burma Road" so we aquired a FLAG and some vintage WWII British Tropical Uniforms - like in "Bridge on the River Kwai", unfortunately a few people thought we looked like Nazis, sorry 'bout that!"
-Freddy Moore