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Boy (v0) - Home Page (see Nu KatsBoy v1Boy v2)

July 1981

Boy Logo
Bobby Dean Wickland - Drums. 
Mark 'Skarkey' McEwen - Lead Guitar, Vocal, Synth. (v1, v2)
Bobbyzio Moore -Keyboards, Saxophone, Percussion. (v1, v2)
Freddy Moore -Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar.   (v1, v2)
Dave Srb -Bass Guitar, Vocal, Trumpet, Moog (v1)

Upon moving back to LA (from NYC) Freddy Moore contacted Urban Action Guitarist Mark McEwen and Snapshots bassist Dave Srb - they decided to form new band together.

After trying various combinations of musicians they added Scooters Drummer Bobby Dean Wickland.

Shortly, Bobbyzio Moore bought a used Roland Jupiter Synth and joined the new band.

Bobbyzio got permission for the new band to rehearse in a printing shop near downtom LA (whenever the shop was closed).

Then drummer Bobby Dean Wickland got the call to join the reunited group: Badfinger and had to leave.

See Boy v1 Boy v2