Dave Srb Bio.

Bass guitarist, David Brian Srb (of Omaha Nebraska), is not content to provide just the "bottom", he adds a unique energy with his voice, trumpet, synthesizer, & lead bass playing. Master Srb (that's correct, no vowel) vacated the bass slot of Snapshots an LA band of Kansas City alumni prior to becoming a founding member of LA's own BOY.  Srb's work with BOY can be heard on the Soundtrack albums for the films: Parasite, and Scarred.

Soon after Departing BOY Srb moved to Rome, Italy.
He released at least one solo record over there: "It's Gonna Be Forever ", Pretty Cat's Records ZB7570 1986 Italia.  
Srb and his compositions also appear on the Super Eurobeat albums, and the album "Hog Wild " by Andy J Forest.

Srb spent more than 20 years as a musician and studio producer/engineer, taking him from Omaha to Kansas City, LA and finally Europe where he ived for 15 years (he spent 10 years playing with the Tolo Marton Band).  In 1998 he moved from Italy to Chicago with his wife, Bruna, and first child Nicole.

Srb is currently the technical director at Willow Creek North Shore, near Chicago.

"I have the pleasure of leading the Production team, playing in bands regularly, leading worship occasionally and being a husband and father to three beautiful daughters all the time." -Srb

Dave Srb circa 1982.

BOY: Nyman, Srb, Freddy and Bobbyzio Moore, McEwen

Heritage of BOY by David Srb

Hear Srb Here:
Show A Little Emotion  Windows Media
Too Good To Be True  Windows Media
Can't Keep A Bad Boy Down  Windows Media

Srb 2003,    Srb with Tolo Marton Band

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