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Peter Wingerd (multi-intrumentalist) is originally from Wilmington, Delaware, where his father was a school principal. He graduated from Haverford College and then completed a Masters degree program at the University of Miami.

Wingerd has a sizeable collection of original works by Dutch printmaker M.C. Escher, a collection of rare books and art that includes original drawings that Salvador Dali gave to his mother.

An accomplished pianist and guitarist, Wingerd also enjoys playing golf and tennis. He has had ample opportunity to indulge his love of music by participating in a number of music and drama productions, including a performance of The Fantasticks, which featured Peter Wingerd and David Hammett, as the two fathers.

Wingerd has been involved with several recording projects including appearances on My Crime, an award winning CD by Jamie Green and on every track of The Kat Club's 2007 release 'los angelenos' , and their upcoming CD 'The Sixties', both of which feature guitarist Richie Kohan.

AUDIO: Peter Wingerd with Special Guests

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Peter Wingerd at Kat Club Cabaņa Studio 2003

Wingerd displays his many musical talents at Kat Club Cabaņa Studio,
including adding some great piano, accordian, organ and clavinet to

The Kat Club's
2007 CD 'los angelenos' .
   Dennis Peters,            Peter Wingerd,          Freddy Moore.
    Kat Club Cabaņa Studio March 2003

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