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"Frosty" Atkinson
, best known as a singer-songwriter-guitarist for the band "JESSE BRADY" (1982), was a member of Mark Goldstein's band "Euphoria".

Rick "Skogie" Moore spent spring break 1970 with several members (Aktinson, Goldstein, RogersGasterland) of Euphoria on a recording project they dubbed: ONLY IN AMERICA.

Frosty acted as recording engineer as well as adding guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, drums, percussion and voice. "A very talented young man." - "RicK" Freddy Moore

In fact, Moore paid Atkinson the complement of adding the song "Makin' So Much" (by Atkinson and Goldstein)  to the repertoire of Moore's band: An English Sky.

A few weeks later Euphoria and An English Sky ended and Moore, Goldstein, Rogers, Gasterland, Winger and Partridge formed: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos v1


line up:
Frosty Atkinson (guitars, vocals),
Brian Dynes (guitars, vocals),
Jeff Hauschildt (drums),
John McKenzie (keyboards),
John Wellvang (Bass, Vocals)

01. Wait For Me
02. Change Of Heart
03. Hope I've Tried
04. Right From The Start
05. No Easy Way Out
06. All For You
07. Souvenirs
08. Sister Fate
09. All I Have
10. Mystery
11. Same Old Lies

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