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Blumfeld, Johnson and Moore - Home Page

December 1965-February 1966

Blumfeld, Johnson and Moore Logo
Chris Johnson - Vocal, Guitar 
Davey Blumfeld - Vocal, Guitar 
Rick Moore - Vocal, Guitar 

Moore: An abolutely true story.
When my family relocated to Novato in Marin County, California, we were some of the first residents in a new housing development called Holiday Hills.
I felt so isolated and lonely living there, I began writing songs and really focusing on my guitar.
One day I saw a guy about my age walking down the street so I pointed my amp toward the street, and started playing my latest composition.
They guy (Davey Blumfeld) walked up our driveway and over to the window and asked me if I wrote the song, I replyed "yes".
He was new to the area too and asked if I wanted to form a band with him, I said "yes".
A few weeks later Blumfeld informed me he had met another guitarist (Chris Johnson) in gym class so we started going to Johnson's house to rehearse.
A few weeks later I suggested we try co-writing a song, Blumfeld had to leave but I stuck around and Chris and I wrote a new song named "Come To Stay". We even took out music paper and transcribesd the melody, and bass part and the lead guitar parts.
A few weeks later my parents relocated us back to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Oh, well.