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The Kat Club!: House Combinations. 1997

The Kat Club!: Source Mississippi. 2001

The Kat Club!: los angelenos. 2007

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The Skogie Band - Home Page

August 1976-July  1977

Bobby Moore -Saxophone, Percussion, Penguin and Lights
Al Galles - Drums, Cymbals, Cowbells and Vocals
Dennis Peterson - Mutron Bass Guitar, Exorcist and Vocals
Mark Goldstein - Arp, Strings, Piano, Clavinet and Harp
Rick Moore - Vocals, Mutron Guitar and Storyteller
Steve Brenner - Mixmaster General
Represented by Mick Gambill Productions 213-466-9777

When the Moore brothers, Brenner, Galles, Peterson and Goldstein first arrived in   HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA they developed an alter ego to make rent money: The Skogie Band played Colleges, Discos, Frat Parties and High Schools. This paved the way, financially, for the next big step: The Kats.

Program/Song List: Rock Corp. Van Nuys. February 22nd 1977 . (just six months after moving to Los Angeles)

Song List 1978: The Skogie Band Song List 1978.

Bobby Moore, Al Galles, Mark Goldstein, Dennis Peterson, Rick Moore. 1976.