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The Royal Cumquats - Home Page

October 1964-January 1966

The Royal Cumquats Logo
Danny Wick -Vocal, Guitar 
Ricky Moore -Vocal, Guitar 

Hear: Don't Rush Away composed by Wick and Moore, 1965.
Hear: A Spaniard In The Works composed by Moore and Wick, 1965.

MOORE: "We always heard that the Beatles wrote their own songs, so we figured that to be rock stars you had to write your own songs." "In the summer of 1964, right after 'A Hard Days Night' came out, my cousin Danny and I spent two weeks making wooden replicas of the Paul McCartney bass, the John Lennon rhythm guitar, George Harrison's lead guitar, and Ringo's drums. We used to lip-synch to records. Danny and I wanted to play real music. We learned 'You Really Got Me' by the Kinks, the Beatles' 'And I Love Her' and my first original composition 'Baby Be Mine'."

WICK: "The first song that Rick and I wrote together (really it was Rick who wrote it) was "A Spaniard In The Works" from the title of John Lennon's second book of poetry. It was written by "Wick & Moore" (why I am first is a mystery) to be like "Lennon & McCartney", but that was the first and only song we wrote together as the Moore family moved back to Minnesota from Marin County California a few months later." (Moore: "We wrote 2 songs together!")

They called themselves "The Royal Cumquats", with a "C ". "That was the first band for both of us. We even had matching bracelets engraved with The Royal Cumquats". Next we had Grandma Wick sew us polka-dot shirts (white with black dots) like John Lennon had in one of the Robert Freeman photos.

Moore and Wick. 1965

Wick and Moore.

Wick and Moore.

Wick and Moore Feb 1965.

 Moore and Wick Feb 1965.

Beatle Cousins: Danny Wick (Guitar), Bobby Moore (Drums),
Ricky Moore (Bass) and Mike Kinzel (Guitar).

Dan Wick, Rick Moore. 1974

SONGS COMPOSED FOR The Royal Cumquats:
Baby Be Mine Play Read Lyrics Chart 1964 (FGMoore)
What Should I Say Play Read Lyrics Chart 1965 (FGMoore)
Away From Me Play Read Lyrics Chart 1965 (FGMoore)
Now She's Mine Play Read Lyrics Chart 1965 (FGMoore)
Winning Isn't Everything Play Read Lyrics Chart 1965 (FGMoore)
Don't Rush Away Play Read Lyrics Chart 1965 (Dan Wick/FGMoore)
A Spaniard In The Works Play Read Lyrics Chart 1965 (FGMoore /Dan Wick)