Bob Fruhlinger Bio.

Bob Fruhlinger--Band Leader, composer, bassist, vocalist.
Fruhlinger 2005
Fruhlinger 2005
A self-taught musician playing in bands since 1965, Bob has experience in varied musical situations, including New York loft jazz, Seventies funk, Reggae, and folk groups.

In 1977 Bob formed The Dates, a New Wave pop band, performing at Max's Kansas City, CBGB, and other New York clubs, alongside notable acts such as Madonna, Blondie, and Alex Chilton.

Freddy Moore became a member of The Dates after moving to Manhattan's Upper Westside. "I answered an ad in the Village Voice that read 'Wanted: Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist influenced by Squeeze and The Beatles'".  Moore became Singer/Guitarist/Composer of The Dates. "I loved working with Bob, he made me feel right at home in the big city and in his band. I loved NYC and had a lot of fun being a member of The Dates, it was nice to have Bob Fruhlingher handle the band leader duties, I was able to focus on what I enjoyed." While living in New York Moore's wife Demi suffered a kidney failure so the couple hopped on a plane for UCLA Medical Center.  "I rang up Bob Fruhlinger of The Dates and asked them to liquidate my NYC possessions". 

In 1983 Bob relocated to San Francisco in the 1980's, Bob has worked on the local blues and club circuit, on guitar and vocals as "Bottleneck Bob", and on bass with Blind Lemon Phillips, as well as The High Rollers, Tapestry and The Ball of Confusion Band (All Stars). 

The Dates 1982
Drums and antics: Ampere
Guitar, Vocals and Songwriter: Freddy Moore
Bass, Vocals, Songwriter and Leader: Bob Fruhlinger

(Note: this bio is a work in progress)

Audio Archive Windows Media Audio :
Live Rehearsal tape:Face In A Crowd (Fruhlinger)
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Live Rehearsal tape:All Right (Fruhlinger)
Studio demo tape: She's Got The Time (Fruhlinger)
Studio demo tape: Face In A Crowd (Fruhlinger)
Studio demo tape: Where You Go (Fruhlinger)  
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