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The Kats (v3) - Home Page (see v1, v2, Nu Kats)

June 1978-March 1980

Bobbyzio Moore -Tenor Sax, Percussion, Guitar (v1, v2, Nu Kats, Boy v1, v2, v3)
Al Galles -Drums, Vocal (v1, v2, Nu Kats, The Kat Club)
Dennis Peterson -Bass Guitar, Vocal (v1, v2, Nu Kats, Boy v3, The Kat Club)
Pete McRae -Lead Guitar, Vocal (The Kat Club)
Freddy Moore-Vocal, Guitar (v1, v2, Nu Kats, Boy v1, v2, v3, The Kat Club)

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THE KATS KRONOLOGY of Original Songs.
01.Lyrics My Life's In The Bag  July 1977 (a)(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
02.Lyrics Ain't Goin' Back Uptown No More  July 1977 (b)(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
03.Lyrics Lost My TV Guide  July 1977 (c)(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
04.Lyrics I Was A Teenage Shoplifter  July 1977 (d)Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
05.Lyrics Street Life  July 1977, (e)(Frederick G Moore)Recorded live at The Rock Corp.
06.Lyrics Give Me A Chance  October 1977 (a)(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
07.Lyrics Smart Teacher  October 1977 (b)(Frederick G Moore)Garage Demo, Arleta, California
08.Lyrics The Kats (Theme Song)  November 1977 (a)(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
09.Lyrics Older Girls  November 1977 (b)(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
10.Lyrics Down The Road II  November 1977 (c)(Don Raye and Frederick G Moore)Recorded live at The Rock Corp.
11.Lyrics It's A Crime  November 1977 (d)Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
12.Lyrics California Here I Come  November 1977 (e)(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
13.Lyrics Cry Woof!  January, 11, 1978(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
14.Lyrics Can You Use Me?  January 29 1978(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Sunset Sound by James Newton Howard
15.Lyrics Unseen Unknown  February 9, 1978(Frederick G Moore)Garage Demo, Arleta, California
16.Lyrics I Wanna Be Free - Hold Me  February 20, 1978(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
17.Lyrics Reason To Live  August 6, 1978(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
18.Lyrics King Of The Wild Frontier  November 23, 1978(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
19.LyricsWhat's So Good About Good Girls?  January 1979(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
20.Lyrics Leave Me Alone  April 1, 1979(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
21.Lyrics Heart Of Steel  April 9, 1979(Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
22.Lyrics Midnight Motel  May 1979(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
23.Lyrics Pushed Me To It  June 1979 (a)(Pete McRae and Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
24.Lyrics I Can't Have You  June 1979 (b)(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
25.Lyrics Price Is Right  June 1979 (c)(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
26.Lyrics Can't Stand Dancing  July 25, 1979 (d)(Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
27.Lyrics I Wait For The Night  September 1, 1979 (a)(Pete McRae and Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack
28.Lyrics Money  September 1, 1979 (b)(Pete McRae and Frederick G Moore)Get Modern LP Produced by Noah Shark
29.Lyrics Too Young  February 21, 1980(Bobbyzio Moore and Frederick G Moore)Produced at Blue Dolphin by Ian Jack

NOTE from songwriter Freddy Moore:
The music that influenced the songs that I wrote for The Kats,

In the chronological order (not the degree) of influence:
Benny Goodman, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, The Beatles, The Who, Frank Zappa, Thelonius Monk,  
Igor Stravinsky, Muddy Waters, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Graham Parker & the Rumour.

I am not talking about influences on the arrangements, only on the songwriting procces. Keep in mind that influences on other Kats are in there as well: Bobbyzio & I co-wrote one song, Pete McRae and I co-wrote 3 of the songs, McRae composed preludes to 3 of my songs, Bobbyzio, McRae, Peters & Galles wrote the prelude for "It's Not A Crime", and I can only take credit for new lyrics on the classic: "Down The Road", (Hopefully Bobbyzio, Pete and Dennis will chime in on this topic).   

Galles, Freddy Moore, Peterson, Bobbyzio Moore, McRae. 1978.
          (with full length cast hidden by baggy trousers)

Bobbyzio Moore, Freddy Moore, Al Galles, Pete McRae(kneeling), Dennis Peters. 1979.

Bobbyzio Moore, Galles, McRae(foot), Peters, Freddy Moore. 1980.