July 1, 1979.
Emerging from the L.A. Skyline

Assessing the 10 most interesting unsigned bands in town

By Ken Tucker

The Kats
And they ask where are all the humorous new wavers? Well, take a look at Freddy Moore, lead id of the Kats quintet. Freddy looks like Frank Gorshin crossed with John Lydon, and will do anything-- I'm warning you, anything -- for a tumultuous reaction.
He throws himself on the floor, he sings in voices he probably didn't even know he had, and one night he concluded his set by hopping into the lap of a female friend of mine and made a fan for life.

In short, The Kats, are clowns, but they're very good. Their songs are rock and roll. Tight guitars and a virulent saxophone lend the stuff an original energy.
All I know is, if you want a good time, go to a club featuring the Kats.
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