Resurgence of L.A. Rock Scene by Robert Hilburn.
July 24, 1979. Page 11.

Among those lured to the Motels' show with The Kats was Graham Parker , whose "Squeezing Out Sparks" is one of the top rock LPs of 1979.

"I came by Tuesday to see Code Blue and they were great. So I thought I'd come back and see some other bands. It's great what's happening here--it's like what has been going on in England. There are bands everywhere."

Tom Werman , a record producer who works with bestsellers like Cheap Trick, also stopped by the Whisky Friday. He wanted to see The Kats , who haven't been signed yet. He too, was enthusiastic about the local rock resurgence.

"I've been so busy in the studio that I haven't had much chance to see the new bands," he said standing amidst the crush of people at the Whisky entrance. "But it's real exciting to have all of this interest in newcomers.

"The only problem", he added, with a smile, "is there is so much interest that you can't get into the club. I've been standing out here for 15 minutes now."

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