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AN ENGLISH SKY (v1) - Home Page

June 1968-August 1968

Craig Laursen - Guitar 
Rick Moore -Vocal, Guitar, Drums ( v2 )
Rich Keneman -Drums (part-time)
David Burdick -Vocal, Drums (part-time)
Tim McCarthy -Guitar (part-time)

Moore from Richfield. 
Laursen from the south-side of Minneapolis.

"Craig was a bad-ass guitarist from the mean streets - last time I saw him he was being shipped out to Vietnam while I was enrolling as a Music Theory major at the U of MCraig did help me learn how to jam and moved my guitar playing from a George Harrison thing to an Eric Clapton of Cream thing. Unfortunately, the band only wrote a few songs." -Moore.

Songs written for An English Sky (Verison 1) 1968
1 Appleskin Thomas (Frederick G Moore/Craig Laursen)
2 Down By The Blue (Frederick G Moore/Craig Laursen/David Burdick)
3 Arabian Flute Music (Frederick G Moore/Craig Laursen/David Burdick)
4 Mister Sahib (Frederick G Moore/Craig Laursen)
5 Chateau en Espagne (Frederick G Moore/Craig Laursen)
6 Electic Circus Fetus Show (Frederick G Moore)
7 Interlude (When the Goose Strikes) (David Burdick/Frederick G Moore)
8 Maynard (Frederick G Moore/Craig Laursen/Rich Kenemen)
9 Garsiver's Dream (Tim McCarthy/Frederick G Moore)