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The Kat Club!: House Combinations. 1997

The Kat Club!: Source Mississippi. 2001

The Kat Club!: los angelenos. 2007

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The Pink Project - Home Page

September 1968-March 1969

The Pink Project
Randy Pink - Vocal, Keyboards & Trumpet 
Frederick Moore - Vocal, Bass & Guitar 
Jim Eastman - Electric Violin 
Jerry Better - Drums 
Soloman Hughes - Lead Guitar 

From Insider Magazine: For Moore, who had spent most of his youth hunched over a guitar and tape recorder in his bedroom, his college years were a watershed experience. "I found an organ in Scott Hall, and I was playing around with that one afternoon and somebody came in. I thought I must be using his organ time or something, but he said it was alright, and that he'd show me how to use it, which he did." The organist said he was forming a group, "The Pink Project", which never made it beyond rehearsals, but before his association with Moore ended, he had interested him in Thelonius Monk and other jazzmen, besides starting him on keyboards. "I'd go to school and play piano all day, and I started missing classes."

Moore: Working (and hanging out) with Randy Pink was fun, interesting and exciting. I actually believe that those 6 months changed the direction of my life.