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Thursday, November 20, 1980


High energy rock and roll
Nu Kats play campus Pub Friday

By TIMOTHY HURLEY - Staff Writer

Some have called their on-stage performance fantastic. Others have called it obnoxious.

Whatever it's called, the Nu Kats perform with the excitement level indicator pointed at full.

And the popular Nu Kats , who are veterans of the LA club circuit of the Starwood, Whiskey, Madame Wongs and others, will perform at Cal State Fullerton's Pub Friday.

For $2 for CSUF students and $2.50 for the general public, the Los Angeles-based quartet will appear for two shows at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The show is part of Associated Students Productions' Friday Night Entertainment series in the Pub.

The Nu Kats just can't stand still on stage. The band flows with their music and are in constant motions with the esprit de corps reminiscent of the Clash.

Once lead singer-songwriter Freddy Moore unstraps his guitar, he's bouncing all over stage. His younger brother, Bobbyzio Moore, on guitar and sax complements Freddy with his own moves (only, with a sax in his mouth…if you can believe it).

It's easy to tell who the brothers are. Bobbyzio has the scratchy sax and Freddy has the scratchy voice.

Dennis Peters on bass and Allen Galles on drums round out the quartet, whose music has been likened by one critic to a "collision between the Dickies and Cheap Trick."

"We've been called everything," Bobbyzio Moore says. "We've been called punk rock, power pop, R&B-oriented, new wave … even jazz rock because of my sax."

Backstage, in between shows at the Starwood in Hollywood, the Nu Kats talk about life as a rock band. Everyone is present except Freddy Moore who lies exhausted in the hallway after a tiring set.

Roughly two years ago, the Kats (They were later to be named the Nu Kats ) were a hot local band in Minnesota until one night they opened a show for the Tubes in Minneapolis. Drummer Galles recalls, "they gave us the idea to come to LA."

"Actually," bassist Peters says, "It was between New York and Los Angeles…so we decided on the place with the nicest weather."

The Kats arrived just in time for the resurgence of the LA rock club circuit, which gave enough gigs to live for the next two years. During this time, they had their share of ups and downs.

To avoid a legal showdown with the Philadelphia-based recording artists, the Cats, the band changed their name to the Nu Kats .

In addition, the group was a 5-piece band until they lost a guitarist.

Like many aspiring bands, the Nu Kats have been unable to get what is often thought of as the next step to fame and riches - the big record deal.

"We've been so close so many time." Peters says.

Now it appears that the band is on the brink of a major label record contract. They are currently negotiating with Polydor Records.

In the meantime, the Nu Kats have a new EP record by Rhino Records (a local label) called "Plastic Facts." It has some tunes that have been getting radio airplay, including "I Was a Teenage Shoplifter" and "World All Alone ."
"the first time I heard our music on the radio I didn't know it was us until halfway through the song." Peters says.

"I still haven't heard us yet," Galles says.

And lead singer Freddy Moore ?

He's still on the hallway floor. But minutes later he will be on stage, performing with even more energy than he had for the first show.

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