Owen Husney.

While living in Minneapolis, Skogie (Moore, Peters, Galles and Golstein) worked briefly with Owen "I Like What You're Doing" Husney before their move to Los Angeles in the summer of 1976.
In 1976, Owen Husney became Prince 's first manager after hearing the demo tape he had recorded at Chris Moon's studio. Husney had experience in pop music that went back 15 years, starting when he was in a pop group himself.
He financed the recording of a new demo tape, which led to Prince's deal with Warner Bros., said to be the biggest recording contract up to that time for a solo artist with the exception of Johnny Winter.
Husney had an extensive background in the music business when he teamed-up with Prince and he got him signed to Warner Bros.
Husney's rare memorabilia includes the front page of his deluxe press kit and the first page of the Warner Bros. contract.
Husney managed Prince during the recording of For You.
Husney and Prince parted ways in late 1978.
I Like What You're Doing, is the name of a song Prince wrote during his time with Husney.
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