Chris Moon.

While living in Minneapolis, Skogie (Moore, Peters, Galles and Golstein) recorded several demos and live gigs withChris Moon before their move to Los Angeles in the summer of 1976.
Chris Moon was one of the first to discover Prince's musical talent and he was an important factor in getting his career underway.
They met in 1976 when Prince came through his Moonsound studio to record material with his band, then known as Champagne.
Moon had aspirations as a songwriter, having written poetry and song lyrics since he was a teenager, and after seeing Prince at work in the studio, he approached him about collaborating.
In exchange for writing and playing the music, Prince would get free studio time.
The deal served both well; Moon could turn his lyrics into songs and Prince was able to learn about recording techniques and develop as a songwriter and musician. Their teaming-up contributed to the breakup of Champagne and led to Prince's decision to become solo artist.
Chris Moon can take some credit for his early collaboration with Prince, the famous "naughty implied sexuality" approach to songwriting, and introducing Prince to Owen Husney , who became his first manager.
He parted ways with Prince, more than 20 years ago.
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