Demi Moore
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(Producer - Greg Penny)
Lead Vocal: Demi Moore; Background Vocals: Greg Penny, Freddy Moore; Bass: Greg Penny, Dennis Peters; Guitar: Greg Penny, Mark McEwen; Keys: Greg Penny; Drums: Stan Lynch, John Nyman; Sax: Bobbyzio Moore 

Demi Moore was a soap opera star at the time of these recordings. Greg Penny, the producer, attempted to create a sound that he hoped would get Demi a record contract, and she almost did get a deal from RCA records. In addition to many other musicians called in by Greg Penny were the ex-Heartbreaker, Stan Lynch as well as Demi's husband, Freddy, her brother-in-law Bobbyzio, plus McEwen, Peters, and Nyman from Freddy's band BOY. 'Mad About The Boy' was tailor written for Demi by Penny as well as 'Stop The Clock' by Penny and Freddy Moore. In fact, Penny, Freddy Moore, and Boy guitarist McEwen penned the song 'Party Girl' for Demi, but by then Demi's music career was on the rocks, Freddy rewrote the lyrics so he could sing about his experiences with the 'Party Girl' .