May 3, 1973.

One Groveland welcomes back Skogie Sunday Night.

 Skogie, an original rock act from Minneapolis, is to appear at One Groveland (19th and Nicollet) Sunday May 6th, 8pm. One Groveland has been a showcase for local folk and rock talent for the past five years. It is a small concert hall beneath Plymouth Congergational Church, which sponsers it as a non-profit project for community youth.

Up until six months ago, Skogie was a regular act at Groveland. The attendance at their concerts grew until they began to overpack the house and turn people away at the door. A team from WCCO-TV (CBS 4) was sent out to film them at One Groveland and found it impossible to find room for their cameras and other technical equipment, so they were forced to film from the stage. Film segments of the group at Groveland and at their home studio were used on Dave Moore’s Moore On Tuesday (currently called Moore On Sunday).

Last November, Skogie decided to discontinue the Groveland shows. “We were worried about the audience becoming reluctant to come out and see us with the high possibility of not getting in and the discomfort of those who did.” Promoters searched for a hall more suitable to their crowd, but all efforts proved futile. Skogie has agreed to return to Groveland because of increasing popular demand and lack of suitable alternative halls. Judging from their past concerts, the projected results should once again be overcrowded and chaotic but a joyous and long awaited reunion.

Guitarist-Vocalist Paul Strickland will be Skogie’s warm up act.

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