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   NU KATS Newsletter. January 5, 1981

   Dear constituents, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hi! My name is Kevin Newton.  I am the light man and personal confidant to NU KATS.
We figured it was about time to let you know what's going on with the band and to
answer a few questions.

Q:  Are NU KATS the same as the Kats?
A:  They are identical except:
    Their lawyer made them change the word "the" to the word "NU"
    so they wouldn't be sued.
    Also shortly after changing the band name, one of the the guitarists (Pete McRae)
    accepted a job with the Holly Penfield Band.
    So NU KATS are the four piece unit of
         Freddy Moore - lead vocals, guitar & composer
 Bobbyzio Moore - sax, guitar & piano
 Dennis Peters - bass & vocal
 Allen J. Galles - drums & vocal.

Q:  Who manages NU KATS?
A:  After managing themselves for months, they handed over the chores to
              (213) 275-3795
Q:  Who books NU KATS?
A:  Mark Levy of REDLINE TALENT will answer all questions regarding gigs:
              (213) 851-8110
Q:  Are NU KATS signed to a record deal?
A:  Not exactly!  Nu Kats recorded a five song ten inch record in 1979 entitled
    "Plastic Facts" on Rhino Records
                       11608 W. Pico Blvd.
                       Los Angeles, CA 90064
                       (213) 473-1518
    Also, NU KATS have one song each on the Rhino LPs "L.A. In" and "Yes Nukes."
    Nevertheless, NU KATS retain all rights to the songs and are not signed exclusively
    to Rhino Records.
    NU KATS manager Ron Stone is negotiating with several major record companies and
    we hope to have good news in january.
Q:  Do NU KATS play "Lost My TV Guide?"
A:  NU KATS play everything but they try to make each gig different.  They also continue
    to write and perform new songs all the time.

As of New Year's Day their reperoire includes these originals:

         Lost My TV GuideWorld All Alone
 Street LifeOut of the Combat Zone
 Give Me A ChanceBusy Body
 California He I ComeBefore I Lose
 Can You Use Me?NU KAT
 Reason To LiveI Know
 King of the Wild FrontierIt's Not A Rumour (By Freddy Moore & Demi Moore)
 What's So Good About Good Girls?Queen of the Prom
 Heart Of SteelYou Are The One
 Midnight MotelThe Long Arm
 I Can't Have YouChanging (By Freddy Moore & Demi Moore)
 Can't Stand DancingMatter of Interest (By Bobbyzio Moore)
 Too Young (By Bobbyzio Moore & Freddy Moore)

Yes, the band has been playing less.  That's so every show is fresh and
spontaneous.  The band will be playing in January, so you'd better come out
and twist and shout 'cause come February or March, they just might not be around.


                     Friday & Saturday. Jan. 9 & 10
                     WONG'S WEST
                     2900 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica
                     NU KATS - 9 and 11 PM
                     HEATERS - 10 and 12 MIDNIGHT
                     Thursday, January 15
                     8151 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood
                     NU KATS - 10 and 12 MIDNIGHT
                     NOBODYS - 9 and 11 PM

For further info about the band and anything or anyone concerning the band, contact:
                Kevin Newton
1924 8th Ave. Apt. 15
Los Angeles, CA 90018

P.S. - For you obscure trivia fans:

       1. "Bobbyzio, Pete & Freddy the Kat said 'meow, meow, meow, the Kats like that"
          from the album Minimum Wage Rock N Roll by the Busboys
          (Thank you Brian O'Neal)

       2. "NU KATS are my favorite band. They're wild and really get people crazy
          says Demi, cover girl for January 1981 Oui Magazine. (Thank you Demi)

       3. NU KATS No. 7 top draw in LA 1980 according to Music Connection. "I
           don't remember playing in 1980." says Allen J. Galles.


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