Rand Levy.

Rand Levy , a thirty-year veteran of the promotion industry and the Minneapolis/Saint Paul entertainment market.

Levy worked with Schon Productions prior to joining Rose Presents in 1985. His vast array of experience in the entertainment industry includes promoting We Fest, the nation's largest campaign and country music event, and the widely acclaimed Lilith Fair, a nationwide tour of female music artists. Music groups he has brought to the Twin Cities include Grammy winner Santana, U2, Genesis and children's artist Raffi.

Levy's agency Schon Productions booked each version of Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos (v1), (v2), (v3), (v4), (v5), in an ever-widening circle of gigs, starting in 1970. Eventually in 1973 Levy took over full management of Skogie from David Zimmerman. Under the new contract Levy booked the band on tours with many prestigious acts, Levy sent Skogie on tours from Quebec to Colorado, from Ontario to Texas, and everywhere in between. (see also Sue McLean)

When Skogie relocated to Los Angeles in 1976 they sadly lost contact with their good friend Rand Levy .

A long-time Minnesota resident, Levy attended the University of Minnesota and currently resides in Minneapolis.

 He will be a part owner in the Black Dog Amphitheater and will be responsible for booking events at the venue along with Chris Hansen, General Manager of the Minnesota Wild's new Saint Paul Arena.

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