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The Kat Club!: House Combinations. 1997

The Kat Club!: Source Mississippi. 2001

The Kat Club!: los angelenos. 2007

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Fred Mollin produced The Nu Kats - Davlen Demos. A marathon session which resulted in a double-sized collection of all Nu Kats songs (other than those that were released on Rhino Records' Plastic Facts record). "The entire band fell in love with Fred and I think the feeling was mutual...we became friends!"- Freddy Moore

Fred Mollin has amassed a considerable career in the music, ranging from producing albums for such artists as Jimmy Webb and Dan Hill to composing for television and movies. He has won one Gemini Award for the series score for Beyond Reality, as well as two Juno Awards for Producer of The Year. He also won Best Children's Album for The Rugrats. He's also received multiple nominations for Geminis for various other projects, and a Grammy nomination for Producer on Dan Hill's Sometimes When We Touch. Mr. Mollin has a large body of work that range from series work, miniseries, cable movies, and motion pictures.

'I've been playing music since I was really young. My first instrument was drums, so we're probably talking age 10. And then really I made my first kind of professional musical debut maybe when I was about 14 or 15. So I've really been doing it since I was 13.'

'I was a singer/songwriter, and I had rock bands when I was in my teens and into my early twenties. I then went into performing acoustically as a singer /songwriter. I moved to Toronto because my older brother had moved there, and I wanted to check it out. When I was about 21, I made a career change that took a couple of years where I went from being a performer to a musical arranger and then a record producer.'

'Over the course of, let's say, the next couple of years - so we're talking the early seventies now - I made that change and all of a sudden we're producing records. I was producing records with a partner. I produced records, pop albums for the better part of... I guess from 1970...'74 until about 1983. Within that time, I produced a lot of artists and had a lot of hits. I was very fortunate. Probably the biggest hit that you would know of in Canada would be Dan Hill's single Sometimes When We Touch.'

'Then I lived in LA for a number of years while I continued to produce records. In 1982, I moved back to Toronto and around that time I was fairly disillusioned with the record business and I just wanted to get more...I just wanted to get back to more of my own composing, my own music. So over the course of the next two or three more years I made a very slow transition from producing records to writing songs again, and then getting into TV and film music. I didn't really plan to do that, it happened that things just worked out, and I had a couple of options. I took them and they worked out well. By 1985, I was full time composing for TV and film. So I can safely say for 11 years I've been a full time composer in this medium, whereas before 1985, I was still perceived as a record producer.'"