November 1972

Skogie and
the Flaming Pachucos
By Bruce Holdhusen 

Rick 'Skogie' Moore, Dennis Peterson, Al Galles, 'Big' Jim Greenberg, and Mark Goldstein are Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos. The adulation they've received from fans has made them somewhat of an oddity. Riotous crowds and screaming fans greet them wherever they go.

The group has performed on every major Twin Cities television station, and was documented by WCCO-TV (CBS 4) in the form of a dramatic news special.

L to R: Denny Peterson, Rick 'Skogie' Moore, Al Galles.

Rick 'Skogie' Moore is the zany one, and his stage antics attest to the fact. Denny Peterson, the tall bassist provides a bit of humor to the Skogie show with his wise cracks. Al Galles is the relaxed drummer, who exhibits so much style, and flair. Jim Greenberg adds woodwinds and percussion. And lastly, Mark Goldstein, plays piano, organ and sythesizer. The group's unique sound is much due to the textures added by Greenberg's woodwinds and Goldstein's keyboards. Together they are the most exciting group I've seen.

Rick (short for Frederick) Moore is the real leader of the band. He writes the songs, plays a dandy lead guitar and is a skilled vocalist.

Moore is a blend, musically, of Frank Zappa and Paul McCartney. When he was in London last June he hand delivered a demo tape to McCartney's office.

In the past year, the Pachucos have become one of the biggest crowd pleasers in the Twin Cities. The record holders at One Groveland, they have jammed as many as 450 paying customers into that cramped hall. When their set is over, the boys dive off stage to await a signal to go back and do their final song, Heartbreak Hotel, always done in the Presley-est of Presley styles.

The band jumps back on the stage and the girls start screaming. They know what's coming. Moore is one of the best movers I have ever seen. He gets a lot of crude fan mail from girls. At the end of the song, Moore falls face-first off the front of the stage. The crowd, in a total frenzy from three hours of Skogie music, lifts him triumphantly above their heads.

The whole atmosphere of a Skogie concert is different from most other concerts. As usual there is the reek of cigarettes, pot, and beer, but there are always a few groups of hard-core Skogie fans who are really into the deeper aspects of the music.

On the surface, a Skogie concert is just good ol' rock 'n roll with some of that freak-out stuff too. Below the surface is a five dimensional spectrum of intricate melody and harmony lines. Rhythmic conflict, tonal colors., and cosmic surrealism.

Skogie is NOT a band of rock satire. Their music is almost all original and they enjoy what they are doing but don't take themselves too seriously. They are releasing a single in June with the help of producer/manager David Zimmerman (Bob Dylan's brother) and I am looking forward to it.

A Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos concert is a must for everyone.

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