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The Kat Club!: Source Mississippi

The Kat Club!: House Combinations

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Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos

     Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos, a five piece group out of Edina, claims to own (or at least have access to and use of) two sedans....
     It takes two sedans and a station wagon to move the Pachucos hither and yon. "Those sedans are murder on the amps. We're thinking about a U-Haul," said Mark (Bugs) Goldstein, 16, who plays guitar and organ.
     The Pachucos dance to several different drummers, musically speaking. There's a little 1950s rock and roll ("We think of the '50s as a joke"), a little jazz (Monk variety), some Beatles and a lot of Frank Zappa.
     "But we've got to sell ourselves as a rock band and then work in these other influences," said Bugs.
     The head Pachuco is Rick (Skogie) Moore, 20, a music theory and composition sophomore at the University of Minnesota. At last count Rick has written more than 200 songs, including ballads, rock and be-bop.
     For a concert last summer at Valley View Junior High School, Edina, he wrote a five minute suite for full orchestra. It opens with a Bach-like fugue and closes with a bag full of soft-drink cans thrown on the floor. "The adults liked it," he said.
     The Pachucos inventiveness doesn't seem to have paid off, however. They haven't found much work since they got together last April and they owe $150 to friends, some more for repairs and they need new equipment.
     And, as if money isn't trouble enough...