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The Kat Club!: Source Mississippi

The Kat Club!: House Combinations

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Concert Reviews  May 1980.
Nu-Kats, Sweeties Deserve Vinyl
By C.P.Smith
Santa Monica Staff Writer

There are many unsigned bands lusting for record contracts in Southern California, but, truth be told, very few deserve the opportunity. Two that do were matched at the Whisky last Thursday night.

Both the Naughty Sweeties and the Nu-Kats have been playing accessible pop/rock around the L.A. club scene for over a year now, but neither has been able to imprint itself on major label vinyl. That's too bad because both are interesting and attractive.

Both are also subject to the fluctuations that invariably plague groups long on desire but short on cash. Naughty Sweeties are presently reduced to a foursome. The Nu-Kats (formerly just the Kats) are also down to four people, with one of its guitarists departing to who-knows-where during the past couple of weeks.

Despite the personnel shuffling, each group was able to adjust comfortably enough to turn in a strong set.

The Naughty Sweeties….

An even tighter band is the Nu-Kats. Though the band started out slowly, its musical proficiency made the last five tunes extremely effective. Perhaps more than any other local band, the Nu-Kats have the ability to play complex songs with deadly perfection.

The flipside of this talent, however, is the danger of slickness. Early on, the band seemed to be going through its act by rote, but songs like "I Lost My TV Guide," "Out Of The Combat Zone" and "Reason To Live " pulled the set together.