BOY: Next Door, RadioActive Records

Front Cover: Freddy Moore, Demi Moore, Sharon Wyatt.

Produced by Mark Goldenberg
Engineer Larry Hinds
AssistantEnginer David Marquette
Recorded in Los Angeles, California at
  Soundcastle Recording Studios and
  Redwing Sound
Mixed at Soundcastle Recording Studios
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at
  Percision Laquer, Hollywood, California

Aided and Abetted by Charles Band and Bob Lefsetz

Photography by David Goldner
Designed by Ellis & Ross Design

Special thanks to Demi Moore, Sharon Wyatt
and the George Family

Back Cover:
Freddy Moore, Demi Moore, Bobbyzio Moore, Dennis Peters, Mark McEwen, John Nyman

Side One
Tears Of A Clown  (Robinson)
Money Speaks Japanese  (F.G. Moore)

Side Two
Lost My TV Guide  (F.G. Moore)
Too Good To Be True  (F.G. Moore)


Freddy Moore: Vocals
Mark McEwen: Guitars and Background Vocals
Bobbyzio Moore: Keyboards and Saxophone
Dennis Peters: Bass and Background Vocals
John Nyman: Drums

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