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All songs by Frederick George Moore © Demophonic Music BMI, except where noted.

Songs originated by
The Kats: 1977-80
Lost My TV Guide Kats/Nu Kats/BoyGet Modern
Heart Of Steel Kats/Nu Kats/BoyGet Modern
I Can't Have You Kats/Nu Kats/BoyL.A. In
King Of The Wild Frontier Kats/Nu Kats Get Modern
*California Here I Come* Kats/Nu Kats Get Modern
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 Songs originated
 by Boy: 1981-83
Too Good To Be True BoyWestlake
(Waiting For) The Big OneBoyLive at Wilcox
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 Songs originated by
 The Kat Club: 1990-2007
Annalusia The Sixties
The Wrong End (of the Mississippi)Source Mississippi
Donna Reed House Combinations
Happy Birthday Los Angelenos
Big Bad Love Source Mississippi
One More Time (won't hurt) Los Angelenos
You Want It All House Combinations
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 Songs originated by Skogie &
 the Flaming Pachucos: 1970-73
July 4th Woman
High Class Shoes
Tonight's the Night
Twelve Days Ago
Staten Island Queen
 Songs originated by
The Nu Kats: 1980-81
It's Not A Rumour (Freddy Moore-Demi Moore)Nu Kats/BoyPlastic Facts
*Busy Body* Nu Kats/Boy Plastic Facts
*World All Alone* (Freddy Moore-Pete McRae) Nu Kats Plastic Facts
(I'll Be A) Nu Kat Nu Kats Live at Davlen
U.R.D.1. Nu Kats Live at Davlen
The Scene Nu Kats/BoyLive at Wilcox
Foolish Freedom Nu Kats/BoyLive at Wilcox
 Songs originated by
 Freddy Moore & Dennis Peters
 Acoustic Duet: 2009-Present
South By Southwest
Down At The Docks
Oblivion Road (for Al Galles)
When The Eagle Flies
Burning In The Night
True Blues
Subway To The Sea
Mojave Waltz
Drowning In Debt
Black and White
Shoutin' Swingin' And Makin' Love
Norwegian Mood
The Land Of Lakes
The Summer Song
Hold Tight Mama