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Skogie is Rick Moore - guitar, Denny Peterson - bass, Al Galles - drums and Mark Goldstein - keyboards. All from the south side of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The four have been playing together steadily since the summer of 1971, although Peterson and Galles have played together since 1963 and Moore and Goldstein have played together since late '69. They were formally a five piece group known as Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos. Moore, Peterson, Galles and Goldstein formed Skogie (the four piece group) in February 1973.

In August, 1973, Skogie released their first single "The Butler Did It" and "I Won't Be Pushed Away" on Mill City Records. It sold well in Minneapolis and received airplay through most of Minnesota.

Using the single as a learning device they have made enormous improvements while recording their first album at the end of '73. Their agents are currently looking for a label with wider distribution to handle it, so at the moment release date is not known.

Skogie has performed at concerts and dances and paid their dues in clubs and bars from Cleveland to Denver, from Canada to Arkansas.

Skogies' TV appearances have covered all three network stations in the Twin Cities and WCCO-TV (CBS) even did a news documentary on the group.

Insider, the midwest music magazine with readership over 75,000 gave the group a cover story and editor Tom Murtha wrote, "I think they're the most original rock band in the area right now...Rick writes the most appealing original music I've ever heard. The typical Skogie arrangement is a mosaic of swirling, interweaving melody lines and extended unison and harmony duets between various instruments in the group. By putting two or three instruments together on a line, Skogie achieves new sounds and aural textures that are both un-conventional and pleasant to the ear. Denny's bass is alternatively busy, melodic and driving. Al's percussion is accurate with a few of the rough edges necessary to energetic, funky drumming. The resulting music is completely original....Rick's personal repertoire of improvisational techniques rages the full spectrum from blues to inverting themes. His lead guitar has a flowing economy akin to George Harrison's in addition to a melodic sophistication which is intrinsically his own By the time Goldstein was in the eighth grade, he was a serious musician, back on the keyboards and leading his own band."

Charles Quimby of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote in a review of a sellout Skogie concert at Walker Arts Center, "[Skogie was] obviously chosen for their departure from the play it like the record syndrome. [They] have been granted the stamp of legitimacy...Skogie merges the improbable with the obvious. Musically eclectic...but with an insanity all their own. Fortunately, Skogie is also technically precise. Most of their material is original and instrumentally rich...between the gyrations of Denny Peterson (a basketball coach’s dream gone nightmare) and the ironic deadpan of mark Goldstein, Rick Moore's antics are effectively balanced. What more can I say? If you are anything less than senile, definitely see Skogie."

Bruce Holdhausen wrote in his review, "The whole atmosphere of a Skogie concert is different from most other concerts. As usual there is the reek of cigarettes, pot and beer, but there are always a few groups of hard-core Skogie fans who are really into the deeper aspects of the music. On the surface, a Skogie concert is just good ol' rock'n'roll with some of that freak-out stuff too. Below the surface is a five dimensional spectrum of intricate melody and harmony lines, rhythmic conflict, tonal colors, and cosmic surrealism...Their music is almost all original and they like what they are doing but don't take themselves too seriously...A Skogie concert is a must for everyone.

In a recent review Dick Richmond of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote, "...they are mixing in some of their own music, which is above average if hard rock appeals to your ears. Before playing one of their originals, it was explained that the song was about a reckless winter sport in the north country. The sport consists of hanging onto the side of a car as it moves over icy roads. The song, written by Moore, is called "The Ballad Of Righteous Riders". If the song is any indicator, the sport involves a lot of screaming."

Musically Skogie is spearheading a new sound in Midwestern music trends. They provide most of their own material through the songwriting prowess of Rick Moore. But it's a team effort - each Skogie contributes a fair share to their success, socially and professionally. They are firm friends above all else. All have sharp senses of humor and are quick with a wise crack. Their humor is often "sick" to outside ears...but THEY understand each other perfectly.

Skogie is a hard working band. They have been on the road gigging practically every day since the spring of '73 and they aren't planning on easing up any in the future. So take a good listen.

We hope you enjoy the performance tonight - love to you all.

Rick Moore
Vocals, Guitar & Songwriter
Born July 19, 1950
Al Galles
Vocals & Drums
Born May 30, 1951
Mark Goldstein
Keyboards & Synthesizer
Born May 30, 1953
Dennis Peterson
Vocals & Bass Guitar
Born June 30, 1951
TITLES                                                         SUNG BY                                                             
Side One
Queen of Clubs (Moore & Goldstein) Moore, Peterson & Galles
The Ballad of Righteous Riders Moore, Peterson & Galles plus Gary
You Gotta Work For What You Get Peterson, Moore & Galles
   (Moore & Brenner)
It Will Work Out For Us Moore & Peterson with Galles
Springfield Gardens Peterson, Galles & Moore
Side Two
You've Got Me Sufferin' Moore & Peterson with Galles
Old Fred Sings A Song (Moore & Wilfong) Galles, Peterson & Moore
Sunday Drive Moore, Galles & Peterson
Goodbye Nemours Moore with Peterson & Galles
Singleavailable on Mill City Records
The Butler Did It Moore & Peterson with Galles
I Won't Be Pushed Away Moore & Peterson with Galles
Call Me Crazy Moore with Peterson & Galles
Don't Fall In Love Moore, Peterson & Galles
Four Ways To Use Vaseline Moore & Galles
High Class Shoes Galles, Peterson & Moore
I Like What You're Serving Moore with Peterson & Galles
I Wanna Satisfy You Galles with Moore & Peterson
Jonathan Smith (Goldstein) Goldstein with Moore, Peterson & Galles
July Fourth Woman Moore with Peterson & Galles
The Magic Lock Moore, Peterson & Galles
My Baby Loves Me Moore, Peterson & Galles
Pretend That You Love Me Moore with Galles & Peterson
Staten Island Queen Moore with Peterson & Galles
Tonight's The Night Moore with Peterson & Galles
Treat Me Like Dirt Moore & Peterson with Galles
Twelve Days Ago Moore & Peterson with Galles
Wolfman Strikes Again Moore with Peterson & Galles
You Don't Even Know My Name Moore with Galles & Peterson
You Told Me Lies Moore with Peterson & Galles
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Rick Moore Guitar

Dennis Peterson Bass

Al Galles Drums

Mark Goldstein Keyboards & Sythesizer
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