Scott Rivard Bio.

Scott Rivard. Engineer extrordinaire .

Moore, Peters and Galles worked with quite a few recording engineers before discovering Scott Rivard.

"We thought he was great, very talented, and a lot of fun to hang out in the booth with."

Scott Rivard is the Technical Director of "A Prairie Home Companion."

Some of Scott's recording studio engineering credits:

There's A String Attached To Almost Everything We Do
By Skogie (Moore, Peters and Galles) Released 1974

Garrison Keillor & The Hopeful Quartet
By Garrison Keillor Released Aug 25 1992

I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
By The Fairfield Four Released Sep 9 1997

Out of the Valley
By John Gorka Released May 10 1994

Songs of Innocence & of Experience
By Greg Brown Released Mar 23 1992

Guitar Music
By Leo Kottke Released Oct 25 1990

Microtonal Compositions
By Easley Blackwood Released Aug 24 1996

Dakota Breezes
By Chuck Suchy Released Sep 1 1993

Technical Director Scott Rivard's view of the Prairie Home Companion studio

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