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Stage Names of The Kats (THE TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY)
When Freddy Moore was born, the Doctor that delivered him asked his Parents to name the baby after him in lieu of cash.
The Doctor's name was George Frederick Klein.
Moore's parents were planning on naming the baby: "Rick" (short for Richard), so They figured they could still call him "Rick" (short for Frederick), and named the baby Frederick George Moore.
From the day he was born he has been called "Rick", but his legal name is Frederick.
When Moore wrote the psuedo "rock-opera: The Kats", he created a character named "Freddy", well, the rock-opera was never performed, in a theatrical production, but evolved into a new band. 
When the band was re-named "The Kats" in 1977, Moore began calling his on-stage persona: "Freddy". (Freddy is to Superman as Rick is to Clark Kent.)
To this day, everyone in the biz calls him "Freddy" while his actual friends, family and bandmates still call him Rick. Other stage names have been: S.B., Skogie Bennett, and later just "Skogie".  Moore: "When my family moved from California to Minnesota, I required only 4 more months of "Gym Class", so, to save money, I bought a used Richfield HS gym shirt that had the name SKOGIE written on it in Magic Marker. I used to wear that shirt to gigs, so everyone called me SKOGIE!", I never found out who the real Skogie was!" 

Bobbyzio is Freddy's brother's stage name. His real name is Robert Eldon Arthur Moore. (see The Robert Moore Group)
Bobby was given the moniker 'Bobbızio' when Drummer Allen J Galles formed the habit of yelling 'Bobbızio Bobbızio' every time Bobby was about to take a sax solo. Al told us he was impersonating the way James Brown used to call out 'Maceo' whenever Bobby Maceo was about to solo! Friends and family still call him "Bobby".

Bassist Dennis Peters' real name is Dennis John Peterson . His blue bass amp rack originally said: DENNIS PETERSON, but he applied trupentine and removed the "ON"! He has also used the stage names Denny Diablo and DJ Peters. Everyone calls him "Denny".

Lead Guitarist Pete McRae's real name is Robert F. McRae. His texan Grandfather always called him "Pete". (His current professional name is: Robert Pete McRae.) Everyone still calls him "Pete"! 

The Kats' drummer Allen John Galles was the only Kat that used his real name (although since he was the adopted child of the Galles family, who knows what his original name was?)

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